Research programs provide the tools to shape and support marketing tactics, as well as guide sales and marketing teams on how to best engage customers and help close sales.

  • IDG Directs research offers concise in depth knowledge of prospects traits, buying behaviour and industry trends
  • The service IDG Direct provides is conducted to identify and analyse market needs, size and competition
  • After our research team has gathered the data, the results are analysed and presented to you in a clear study that helps you make highly informed decisions

We offer our clients several different research services;

Customer Journey

As the customer journey has become more complex due to multiple channels, it is vital for companies to develop a clearer understanding of their prospects decision making process. Within an organisation customer journey, a number of individuals may be involved in the process and play different roles before a decision is finalised. Therefore it is important to discover what contribution each individual makes to allow sales team to deliver an effective approach.
IDG Direct research team makes this possible by gathering in depth information from your prospect to identify what stage of the journey they are involved in. We conduct this by delivering in depth questions with conversational dialect that encourages your customer to share significant information about their buying process.  We then categorise key drivers in the decision making process such as influencer, decision maker and evaluator.  By discovering the role of each individual within the process it allows your sales team to specifically target each individual with the correct information.


  • Boosts ROI
  • Enhances your sales team time and efforts
  • A more valued experience for your customer
  • Clearer understanding of your customers and their buying behaviour
  • Discovers opportunities and optimises the journey

Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys provide up to date and accurate market intelligence that targets appropriate prospects. This research approach increases understanding of your prospects behaviour while developing valuable data. In addition, it enables you to gain feedback and opinions from your customer/clients who can provide insightful information about your product or service.

IDG Direct works with you to develop a survey that meets your campaign objectives. Our highly trained agents are experts in professional telephone survey techniques. They employ a conversational approach with your prospects that results in consistent and accurate data collection. We conduct the survey to your specified target audience and walk them through the survey in order to receive the ideal results for your research.

Online Data Collection

Our research team takes the hassle out of researching and collecting data. We collect information online to free up your time and help you to focus on your campaign goals. Our experienced personnel collect the most up to date information and gather the data from reliable reputable sources to ensure you receive the highest quality data available.

Online data collection can be conducted via web surveys or email surveys. This research method objective is to gather relevant information about your customer or prospect to gain a clearer insight of their behaviours.

During pre- campaign stage we consult with you to devise the campaign structure, the survey questions and the campaign objective. After this is completed, our research team constructs and directs the surveys at the target audience to ensure high response rate. The data collected is than collated and relevant information is abstracted to analyse results.

Customer Satisfaction

IDG Direct’s customer satisfaction research helps you understand your customers’ wants needs and appreciation towards your brand. It is an essential insight as it benefits the growth of your organisation.

This research can be adopted to help measure the quality of your product or service, and to ensure you are meeting your customers’ needs. The research is particular useful for new product/service launch as it identifies new opportunities, limitations and buying behaviour.

Employing this service into your sales strategy demonstrates your company’s commitment to your customer and helps identify new opportunities in the buying process.


  • Improves customer service
  • Stimulates repeat purchase
  • Increases sales
  • Encourages customer retention
  • Demonstrates your commitment to customer service

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopper research measures performance of front line employees by assessing their knowledge and skills. The research measures quality from a customer perception. This is made possible by assessing the overall customer experience through observation and reporting.

We consult with you to build a customised mystery shopper programme that meets with your objectives. The programme is delivered over the phone by our experienced mystery shoppers who observe and report each respondent. The answers are evaluated against a score card and particular conditions.

The intelligence gathered is presented to you in a factual report that will provide valuable insights


  • Improving performance within your organisation
  • Improving your customer service
  • Motivating your staff to provide high quality service
  • Identifies weaknesses and opportunities

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