Not all prospects are ready to join the buying process and when they are you want to make sure your brand is top of their mind. Nurturing is a proactive approach that enables you to know who is actively interested and also enables you to cultivate interest.

Our nurturing service educates and interacts with your prospects at their own pace while guiding them through the buying process. Our nurturing process takes you through content selection, launch, nurture and scoring – then we measure and report upon the data that we have collected for you. These individuals may be interested in your product, but they might not be at the point of the purchase stage yet. We will make sure that they stay engaged with your company in order to guide them along the buying cycle until you make the final sale.

IDG Directs Nurturing service provides a number of benefits;

  • Increases Revenue Opportunity
  • Prevents losing prospects
  • Identifies which prospects are interested and connect with them when they are ready
  • Connect with leads periodically and leaves a high recall on prospects mind
  • Lower cost per opportunity

Companies that use lead qualification and nurturing achieve more sales with fewer resources

Lead Scoring

By providing us with specific criteria of your customer buying process, we will devise lead scoring to help evaluate the stage your customer is at. The score can be determined by job title, job role, purchase timeframe, etc. Our team logically scores leads based on their activity and their readiness to buy. If the user does not reach a score that is deemed qualified, they will be passed back into the nurture cycle for further evaluation. This process tracks you leads actively, determines their level of interest and identifies what information they are absorbing.


  • Increases sales efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Increases marketing effectiveness
  • Closer alignment of sales and marketing functions
  • Streamlines the sales process

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