Event Registration

Event Registration

A successful business event can provide high profit margins for an organisation and involves careful planning to guarantee it communicates to the correct target audience. IDG Direct can ensure your event reaches its full potential. We register prospects for events, seminars and webinars and our registration service guarantees a higher rate of quality attendees to your event.

We will provide the necessary qualities to make your event a success by taking the event through the entire process from brand awareness to registration. We will consult with you to formulate the event objectives and the primary target audience. Our highly professional team effectively communicates with the attendees to ensure individuals are educated about the event and conduct follow up calls to remind attendees as the date approaches. IDG Direct will maximise the quantity of attendees and qualify individuals to validate that they are the right people that you are looking for.

In addition to managing your event from start to finish, we have the availability to supplement your list with similar companies and titles from our data base. This will increase the quality of your attendee list and ensure the success of your event.

Benefits of outbound calling event registration

  • Higher return of investment
  • Higher rate of attendees compared to other direct marketing approaches
  • Cost efficient
  • Builds brand awareness within your industry
  • Attendees are more educated about the event

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