Branded Conversations

Branded Conversations

IDG Direct builds awareness of your brand through branded conversations. Branded Conversations are conversational dialogues that instil your brand throughout each prospect call. Our skilled agents build engaging conversations with your prospects by communicating consistently and effectively throughout each call. Branded conversations encourage stronger retention of the phone call, clearer purpose, stronger awareness of your brand and higher recall.

Our agents are highly trained to adapt these conversations to each campaign and personalise each call to develop a connection with the prospect. This is made possible by educating each agent about your company, your brand and your product/service. Agents are trained to understand the importance of brands, brand awareness and how it is central to the telemarketing conversation.

Benefits of Branded Conversations

  • Real Time Audience Interaction
  • Higher recall and retention of the phone call
  • Builds stronger awareness of your brand and campaign
  • Builds good rapport and a long term relationship with your prospect

Would you like to know more about Branded Conversations? Read our blog post - The Power of Branded Conversations 

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