Data Cleaning & Building

Data Cleaning & Building

Maintaining accurate and quality data is key to every campaign success. IDG Direct provides data cleaning and building services to ensure you have accurate and fresh data to reach the correct prospects.

Data constantly evolves and decays therefore correctly captured data will eventually become outdated and invalid. This may result in costly data issues; incorrect details; duplicated records and incomplete or inaccurate records. With that it can cause wrongly targeted sales campaigns which results in less effective campaigns and loss in potential revenue. Data is one of the most valuable business assets to companies however it needs to be nurtured and maintained. Data cleaning is necessary to avoid these pitfalls and should be an essential business activity

IDG Direct’s expert data team nurtures and cleanses your data to ensure you are always communicating the correct prospects with the most up-to-date contact information. Our data team cleans your existing data through our data cleaning process. The process involves;

  • Removing invalid information by validating all data – correcting misspellings, confirming correct name and address, de-duplication
  •  Applying standardised formats – standard data format throughout data, aligned correctly and formalised
  •  Applying specific rules – The data is analysed and specific are applied for identification 

After the process has been applied your data is accurate and uniformed for future campaigns


  • Data cleaning and Building reduces costs
  •  Encourages best practices
  •  Protects your brand reputation
  •  Increases response rate.
  • Prevents wasting time on misinformation

Account Profiling

IDG Direct provides the account information that you are looking for in your named accounts. Our account profiling service gathers in depth information about your prospects needs, goals, key decision makers, timelines, buying patterns and projects.

IDG Directs account profiling approach is tailored to meet our clients’ business needs and profile reports. We employ a combination of internet based research and telephone communication to ensure optimum data is gathered. Our highly experienced agents compile data through building trust and rapport with your prospects, therefore making them comfortable to share details about their business. These valuable insights increase accuracy and enable your sales team to be prepared to closing the sale.

Working At IDG

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