Lead Generation

IDG Direct specialises in highly targeted global campaigns that target individuals, companies, verticals, or specific job criteria to ensure your company receives optimum reach. We deliver leads that will match your goals and increase your traffic, client base, and revenue. Our expert team communicate with decision makers and senior executives to gather the highest quality of data.

  • Our extensive experience in B2B telemarketing services allows us to deliver fast, qualified leads that result in greater return of investment for your company
  • IDG Direct develops  branded conversations  with your target audience to build awareness of your organisations brand within the market and ensure your campaign is effectively communicated
  • We consider our agents as brand ambassadors for your organisation. As ambassadors your company is represented to the highest standards and helps build a stronger awareness of your brand
  • We offer clear and concise planning with a focused and targeted effort which delivers a winning formula for our clients

Lead generation programs are a perfect marketing tool to qualify your prospects so your sales team can deliver more efficiently and effectively. In addition, investing in lead generation ensures opportunities are available when needed. IDG Direct work with you to discover your campaign objectives and goals and deliver high quality leads.

Our experienced contact centre agents gather business card data for decision makers that fit your specific target audience to help your sales team move closer to making the sale. Our highly professional team ensure your needs are met and your company is represented to the highest standards.

IDG Direct offers basic lead generation services; appointment setting and high quality lead generation services;

Appointment Setting

If you are looking to set up meetings with a specific target audience, we will aid you in discovering what the prospects’ goals and challenges are. IDG Direct appointment setting service helps to develop a strong line of opportunities and expand your market share. This allows your sales team to concentrate on their sales efforts by constantly prospecting new opportunities. At that point, you will be prepared for your meeting and will be closer to closing the sale.

  • Increases your client base
  • Provides more qualified leads
  • Encourages more consultations and appointments for your sales team

High Quality Leads

High quality lead (HQL) generation service is used to generate leads for new product releases, large channels and sales teams. The service is adopted when your prospect is near the end of the buying process and you require specific details about your prospect to help achieve the sale. IDG Direct’s service aids your sales team streamline their approach by providing valuable information about your prospects’ buying decisions.

We adapt situational questions for the campaign and apply them to every call. This is delivered through IDG Direct’s branded conversation approach that creates engaging conversations with your prospect. By delivering your campaign through this technique it allows us to gather HQLs that are valuable to your sales team.

The validated data ensures you receive a higher return of investment and provides a greater advantage to your sales team by identifying opportunities.


BANT is a research method used to help you understand your prospect. The prospect may not be ready to enter the buying process therefore BANT enables you to identify different aspects of your prospect that are important to your sales team in the future. IDG Direct develops customised questions to meet BANT criteria and your lead qualification requirements.

The research identifies the prospects Budget, Authority, Need, and Time which are the key drivers for high quality leads;

  • Budget – Identifies your prospects budget for a specific project enabling your sales to tailor their sales pitch to meet budget requirements
  • Authority - Explores the authority of your prospect, are they an influencer, decision maker or evaluator?
  • Need – What are your prospects needs? Can your product/service fulfil these needs?
  • Time – What is your prospects timeframe? – This will allow your sales team to timely articulate their sales pitch to the prospect

Would you like to know more about BANT campaigns? Read our BANT case study

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