IDG Direct provides a number of different training programmes to our contact centre agents. We believe investing in training is the key to our success as it helps deliver your campaign to its full potential. The training programmes focus on all the key elements to ensure successful campaign delivery and enables us to keep ahead in the industry. We train our personnel to become like “sales professionals” and provide them with the essential skills necessary to be experts in their field.

The programmes include:

As well as providing all our agents with training, we continuously support our agents with mentoring and coaching sessions. We also offer our agent’s career development opportunities to encourage and motivate our personnel to progress within our company.

Quality Assurance training

IDG Direct prides itself on its high quality standards. In order to maintain this, we train all our personnel in the different aspects of Quality Assurance and educate them on the importance of the best practice. The training module is classroom-based training covering many different topics:

  • What is Quality Assurance? Why does IDG Direct need it?
  • Benefits of QA for all parties involved
  • Quality Assurance guidelines – agent requirements to meet QA standards on all campaigns
  • Listening to high quality calls – demonstrates how quality calls can be approached and achieved
  • Educating agents on the QA rating scale – differentiation between top rating and low rating quality leads
  • Role play – how to approach different situations, overcoming objections and building confidence in our agents’ call approach

Data training

To ensure IDG Direct meets with good data management practices, we provide data management training to all our personnel. The aim of the training is to demonstrate how data is a valuable resource within our business and for our clients, and to further our personnel’s knowledge in data regulations and data security. We implement this by educating our personnel on all the key elements of data. The training focuses on:

  • The importance of data
  • Data entry and layout
  • Data building

Educating our agents ensures all data collected for your campaign is complete, accurate and meets with industry standards.

Country-Specific training

As IDG Direct operates in a wide range of countries, we provide country specific- training to all our contact centre agents. The objective of the training is to provide our agents with a clearer understanding of country diversification and cultural differences. This aids our agents with the necessary knowledge to identify the different approaches required when communicating with different prospects.
The training is developed into two aspects – classroom training and on call training

The classroom training educates the agents in a number of different areas:

    • Overview of country
    • Awareness of cultural differences
    • Obstacle management/persuasion techniques
    • Regional dialects
    • Handling of delicate topics
    • How to best gather and store information
    • Translation of briefs

On call training is carried out for contact centre agents to observe their senior colleague’s calls. It aids them in identifying the approach that is adopted for specific calls and different techniques employed. This also provides them with guidance and knowledge on different key elements that are relevant to each call.

BANT and HQL training

As part of IDG Direct’s employee development programme, we provide our contact centre agents with BANT and HQL training as an up-skill initiative. The training explores the different aspects of BANT and HQL lead generation by furthering the agent’s knowledge. The different aspects include:

  • Call approach – how to engage with the prospect? How to commence the phone call? How to make a professional and engaging conversation?
  • Script delivery – how to ask questions? How to effectively communicate the message over the phone?
  • Data criteria – demonstrates criteria for qualified lead and demonstrates the importance of additional information
  • Developing prompt questions – demonstrates how to construct specific campaign questions that encourages the prospect to expand on information

The program is specifically designed to demonstrate the difference between basic lead generation and high quality lead generation.

Branded Conversation Training

Branded Conversation training was developed to provide our clients with more valuable leads and valuable data. We have developed our own training programme that covers all areas of communication and educates our agents in the power of engagement. The training explores many elements:

  • Importance of brands and developing brand awareness
  • What branded conversations are
  • Different aspects of effective communication
  • How to develop a branded conversation
  • Benefits of branded conversations
  • Call recordings
  • Role play

The training enables our contact centre agents to apply their knowledge of effective communication by adapting the call to each situation and gives them persuasive skills to overcome obstacles.

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