Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a vital practice to our business. We are committed to quality and to providing the highest standards to our clients. The objective of Quality Assurance is to strengthen leads and data and guarantee your campaign receives a higher return of investment.

IDG Direct’s Quality Assurance team are involved in all stages of the campaign process. Our team liaise with you to get a clear understanding of your campaign objectives, lead criteria and all campaign details. These guidelines are then instilled throughout the campaign by communicating through briefing and coaching sessions. This ensures everyone involved is educated to meet quality standards and the highest quality leads are produced.

During the live campaign stage all agents’ calls are recorded and monitored to ensure all leads meet the criteria. Calls are applied against a quality ranking system and must meet with quality conditions in order for the lead to be qualified.

How IDG Direct implements quality:

  • Providing coaching and training to all our agents
  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring – live and pre recorded
  • Quality reporting
  • 100% of calls are quality checked

Quality Assurance Cycle

The Quality Assurance cycle is the process every generated lead goes through. The cycle moves the lead through a vigorous process before confirming the lead is qualified. We developed this cycle to ensure all generated leads are fully qualified before forwarding them on to our client.

  • The cycle commences with the contact centre agent generating the lead. This lead is processed through our system that involves initially visually checking the lead. The visual check confirms all data is complete and formulated correctly.
  • After the visual check has been has be completed, the lead call is listened to in order to ensure all criteria has been met, i.e., all questions have been answered correctly, the campaign and company name mentioned throughout the call, prospect meets target audience criteria.
  • Feedback is then passed back to the contact centre agent, this includes whether the lead is qualified or unqualified, the rating of the call, recommendations or improvements for future calls. As we keep to strict deadlines – all unqualified leads are replaced the next day. (On average, IDG Direct’s unqualified leads total 1.75%.)

Working At IDG

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