The IDG Direct Process

The IDG Direct Process

IDG Direct is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of campaign delivery. We achieve this with our consistent and streamlined approach that offers all the right stages for success.

The IDG Direct Process is a formalised process that is implemented to all our clients’ campaigns and aligns all functions. The process involves 3 main stages:

  1. Pre Campaign
  2. Live Campaign
  3. Post Campaign

Pre Campaign

Pre Campaign Is the initial stage of IDG Direct’s process. This stage involves several different phases, which are all vital to ensure the success of your campaign. The phases involved are, review, consultation, scheduling and training.


The review phase involves our team reviewing all aspects of your proposed campaign. This allows us to have a clear understanding and in-depth knowledge of your campaign before consulting with you. Our team reviews:

  • Campaign script
  • Campaign criteria
  • Assets
  • Campaign timeline
  • Campaign objectives
  • Prospect
  • Data

From this review we develop a proposal that provides recommendations for your campaign.


With the proposal developed at the review stage, we consult with you to talk through your campaign. We discuss your campaign USPs, objectives, timeframes, target audience and present our recommendations to meet this criterion. General recommendations we explore are: tailoring script questions to specific market, country or language, rewording of scripts to develop a more engaging approach to the call, data building and cleaning requirements, timeline for completion.


The scheduling phase determines campaign targets and timelines, and is when the campaign criteria are agreed. It concentrates on how the campaign will be delivered i.e., burst or staggered. We agree with you what is the optimum campaign delivery and devise a scheduling programming that will meet this. This programme is developed into a timeline that is structured to meet the campaign deadlines. The scheduling programme then allows us to allocate resources to the campaign. We develop a resources overview that identifies what resources will be allocated to your campaign and their role in the campaign.
Once these are completed, the campaign is agreed and we prepare the agents for the execution of the campaign.

Training / Briefing

The training and briefing phase involves all personnel that are delegated to the campaign. This includes an operations manager, team leaders, quality assurance and contact centre agents.

We communicate all aspects of the campaign:

  • Overview of criterion – lead criteria: country, industry, company size
  • Client background – educating agents about your company, brand and product/service
  • Target audience – outline the target audience: IT analysts? Senior executives? Decision makers?
  • Script training – demonstrate how the script will be delivered, how to ask specific questions, identifying possible difficulties and how to overcome them
  • Campaign timeline – detailing the deadline for the live campaign
  • Scheduling programme – scheduling overview – daily and targets, how resources will be allocated
  • Call guidelines – discuss country time zones, optimum times to call prospects

Live Campaign

Stage involves the execution of the campaign. Different activities take place throughout this stage:

  • Agent calling - Agents are delegated daily targets and commence the campaign. As agents are the front line to your campaign, they also provide campaign feedback to their team leaders – what is working, Any difficulties with the campaign, and prospects’ feedback.
  • Campaign Monitoring Quality – QA continuously monitor the quality of all leads that are generated by agents. This ensures all generated leads are meeting your campaign criteria and the highest quality is met

Calls – In addition to quality checking all leads, QA also monitor all calls to ensure that the correct message is being delivered to your prospect

QA feedback process is employed with campaign monitoring that supports effective communication through the team

  • Lead monitoring– Throughout the campaign, team leaders manage lead monitoring to ensure lead generation is meeting targets. Team leaders mange this by motivating the team and lead score boards
  • Campaign updates – Team leaders and Quality Assurance provide end of day and end of week reports that update you on the progress of your campaign. The reports also help to identify if the campaign is running successfully, whether the script or questions need to be reworded to achieve optimum response and whether the campaign approach need to be adjusted.
  • Campaign review – A campaign review is conducted during the campaign. We discuss with you the progress of the campaign, if changes need to be made, campaign feedback from your prospects, meeting campaign timeline.

Post Campaign

After the campaign has been closed, the post campaign stage involves the final phases of the process. The post campaign stage gathers all the data received throughout the live campaign stage and presents to you detailed information about the success of your campaign.

  • Reporting – All campaign update reports, campaign feedback, timeframes, success rates and other additional data is compiled together and structured in a detailed campaign report.
  • Evaluation and analysis – The campaign report is evaluated and analysed. We apply specific conditions to draw conclusions from the findings:
    • Did the campaign meet the timeframe? Lead targets met?
    • Issues? Prospects/Customers feedback
    • Additional information
    • Recommendations
    • We also use this data to feedback information to our training practices – identifying new opportunities, enhancing our training programs
  • Campaign follow up - To ensure you are completely satisfied with your campaign delivery and to obtain feedback, we finish the process by following up with you to rate the success of our service.

While also checking your satisfaction with the overall campaign delivery – we use the feedback to enhance our services and processes.

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