Data Management

Data Management

Data is a valuable resource that must be managed accordingly to meet with telemarketing standards and regulations. IDG Direct’s data management practices meet the highest of standards to ensure data is controlled consistently and accurately. We meet these standards by echoing the importance of data management throughout our operations. These are maintained through training personnel on data security and data regulations.

IDG Direct maintains strict guidelines to data security to ensure our client’s data is secure from any potential risks:

  • We maintain this by educating all our personnel in data security to guarantee a clear and concise knowledge throughout the organisation
  • Applying data security rules to meet data management standards
  • Securing your data from any third party and ensuring it is only exclusively used for your campaign

Meeting industry standards and regulations to ensure best practices are met:

  • Updating data to ensure the prospects wish to be contained within in the data
  • Eliminating prospects that requested to be removed from the data to meet with their data protection rights

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