Client Services

Client Services

IDG Direct understands the importance of your campaign and that you need to receive the highest standard of service. We provide premier client services to guarantee effective communication and provide support throughout each stage of your campaign.

We developed our campaign delivery process with our client in mind to ensure the best client service is met. Our client management service is implemented throughout each stage of the IDG Direct Process:

Campaign development

  • Liaise with potential client to aid campaign development; explore different opportunities; offer experience and expert advice; consultation

Campaign updates

  • Effectively communicating the progress of a client campaign to ensure client is full aware
  • Provide daily and weekly reports to support campaign update meetings


  • Provide analytical and evaluated data with recommended guidance for the next step in your strategy

To reinforce our commitment to the best client service, we regularly revise our approach and use client feedback to develop our existing process.

Working At IDG

As a recent graduate, I'm lucky to have a position in such an amazing and vibrant work environment.

Mary Kelly,
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