Insight into Marketing in Australia

Posted on June 23th,2015 by IDG Direct

Insight into Marketing in Australia

One of the largest capitalist economies in the world, Australia is the world's sixth-largest country by total area yet comes 51st in a list of countries by population. So how does marketing in Australia differ to the rest of the world, and what similarities, if any, does a country with less than 0.5% of the world population, have with China, which with almost 20% of the world's population, tops the same list. Kathryn Cave, Editor at IDG Connect, talks to Dr. Mathew McDougall, Founder and CEO of Digital Jungle to find out more about Marketing in Australia.

What are the unique opportunities in targeting customers in Australia?

One of the unique opportunities in targeting B2B customers in Australia is that the market is relatively small, which leads to great referrals. Most of the major players in the industry know each other, which leads to great opportunities for clients. If you win a client and do an exceptional job, competitors and friends in the industry will notice, because it is easier to monitor a small market. If handled correctly this can lead to many new relationships, but of course, this goes both ways; if you win a client and do not deliver an exceptional product, others in the industry will also take notice.

What are the unique challenges of targeting customers in Australia?

One of the most unique challenges of targeting customers in Australia relates to size. The logistics involved in importing products and moving them around the country can be challenging. Australia is a large island, which means any products being shipped to Australia must be sold in Australia. Products shipped to South America could end up in a number of countries, which creates economies of scale.

Along with high shipping costs and a small population, there is high market saturation in many different sectors. This means any company looking to enter will be faced with fierce competition.

How do global campaigns differ from local campaigns?

The greatest difference between global and local campaigns is that the copywriting involved must contextualize between different locations. People in cities like Sydney and Brisbane have different views. In global campaigns, we must use standard or global expressions that the entire audience will understand. Also, when we publish content online, we must consider the website, keywords and target audience. For local campaigns, we will advertise and guest blog on sites that focus on the Australian market, for a global campaign, we will publish content on sites that target a far greater audience and serve a global audience.

How does the use of technology affect your marketing efforts?

The use of technology is very important in our marketing mix. Digital Jungle primarily uses social media marketing and content marketing in campaigns, so we rely on technology to derive insights and distribute our own content and clients’ content. We believe that creating lasting and mutually beneficial relationships is an essential part of operating a sustainable business, and using technology is an important part of maintaining relationships and building new ones.

Which marketing tools have you found to be most effective in Australia?

The Australian market is somewhat unique; “people” networks are extremely important, so an individualist approach is best. The way we do this is through direct email and face-to-face meetings. The best way to present ideas and assess how well the idea is received is by being in the same room with the people you want to reach. We believe in a very human approach. Along with face-to-face and email, we use LinkedIn to connect with people and generate leads.

Another tool we find useful for social media monitoring is called Buzz Equity. The tool allows us to measure how effective our social media campaigns are performing and identify trends. If you want a more holistic answer, the Content Marketing Institute, along with other sponsors, recently released a Slide Share about the 2014 outlook for content marketing in Australia.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Australia has experienced a long period of growth due in part to links with China. Investment and immigrants continue to arrive from China and wealthy investors continue to snap up property. New residents are creating new markets for products that were not consumed before. Our agency is really established for Australian companies to market to a “China Audience” be that in China or Chinese students studying in Melbourne/Sydney. Our agency is well positioned to target any Chinese audience in China and throughout the world. I think it is an exciting time to be operating in Australia and I’m interested in seeing how it evolves over the next 5-10 years.

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